In fact, this stone is not scientifically considered Agate because it is a kind of semi-transparent and colorless chalcedony. The presence of impurities in black, red or green crystals in them creates forms of plants. This mineral fills the gaps in the host rock or is found as rubble. The best Moss Agate is mined in India and is also available in China and the United States.

This stone is used to make plates, ring jewels, necklaces and other jewelry. It is cut unusually in the Cabochon Method and is often cut into thin sheets and polished to make moss-like shapes more visible. The Moss type is also made artificially by placing thin and translucent sheets of gray chalcedony on top of each other and adding iron and manganese oxide to create a moss-like state.

Properties of Moss Agate

Moss agate stones are among the stones that are useful for everyone. The energy of this stone is moderate, healthy and safe. This stone transmits vibrations of balance and stability throughout the body. This gem affects the root (first) and heart (fourth) chakras, and in meditation with this stone, one can visualize the image of his goal inside the stone and strengthen the will to reach it.

Physical effects:

helping to regulate and stabilize the function of all organs of the body, enhancing emotional capacity, helping the circulatory system, digestion and nervous activities.

Emotional effects:

developing a peaceful nature, reducing mood swings, helping to develop a stronger willpower

Spiritual effects:

opening the gates of one’s inner existence to connect with nature, helping one to find and remain faithful to the highest goal of life, avoiding negative and destructive crisis and energies which might affect one’s existence.

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