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Joining Hands to Aid Pilgrims on the Path of Arbaeen 2023

MyRings invites you to join a meaningful initiative, facilitating the spiritual journey of devoted individuals [...]

Islamic Traditions About Agate Stone

Agate holds a significant place in Islamic traditions and has been recommended by the Ahl [...]

Hirz of Imam Jawad (AS)

Hirz of Imam Jawad is an amulet or talisman that contains inscriptions of verses from [...]

What is Sharaf Al Shams Hirz?

Sharaf-e-Shams is dhikr / hirz attributed to Imam Ali (AS) and contains some of the [...]


What is Islamic Silver Ring?

An Islamic silver ring is a piece of jewelry that holds significant cultural and religious [...]

What rings did Prophet Muhammad use?

Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, wore several notable rings of significance. Among them were [...]

Is sterling silver better than of silver 925?

Sterling silver, also known as 925 silver, combines beauty and durability in jewelry. With a [...]