This is

We are a team of professional ring makers and Stone Specialists who have got together and have been selling our products internationally since 2014.

As of now we are operating in three different countries and our website is active in the two languages of English and Arabic.

When we got together, we made a pledge to put our focus on the quality of our products rather than the quantity even if that results in higher prices and fewer customers. But we are proud to say that all our customers have been pleased with our products and we have received amazing feedback which encouraged us to move forward and expand our production.

There are many other ring stone stores which you may find on the internet with lower prices, but as you know you get what you pay for; that means we guarantee that all of our stones are genuine and our ring makers and lapidaries are as skilled and experienced as they come.

We always make sure that our products not only have the best quality but also come in the most elegant packaging.

We will also try our best to send your order with the safest means and secure the product with insurance so that no losses will be suffered in the case of mishaps.

We have also our stone specialists’ group who will post new information about different types of rings and stones and also about Islamic and talismanic lapidary (i.e. gem-cutting) on a daily basis. You just have to go to our Enlightenment section or our blog to benefit from their expertise and further inform yourself about this exciting world of gems and gem cutting.

Don’t hesitate to ask any question at anytime of day by just clicking the chat icon on our website and we will answer you as soon as possible.

Don’t forget that we care about you as our customers and we believe your satisfaction is our success, therefore we really appreciate your feedback at anytime about our website or any other services that we provide you with. Please regard us as you would a close friend and say anything you wish; we will be happy to hear from you.

Please note that we are also open to any offer of cooperation with other respectable and professional sellers around the world, just send us a message if you are interested in making new coworkers.