Joining Hands to Aid Pilgrims on the Path of Arbaeen 2023

Joining Hands to Aid Pilgrims on the Path of Arbaeen 2023

Joining Hands to Aid Pilgrims on the Path of Arbaeen 2023

One of the highly recommended and emphasized practices in Islam is the pilgrimage to the shrine of Imam Hussain (peace be upon him).

The largest human gathering in the world takes place during the Arbaeen pilgrimage, where a massive congregation of devotees travels to pay their respects to Imam Hussain.

The significance of visiting Imam Hussain’s shrine during Arbaeen is so profound that Imam Hasan Askari (peace be upon him) considered it as one of the signs and symbols of a true believer.

However, there are individuals who are eager to visit the shrine of Imam Hussain but due to financial constraints and difficulties, they are unable to participate in this grand event. In the MyRings initiative, we are fortunate to have the opportunity to assist these devotees every year with the help of kind-hearted friends and companions. Together, we facilitate a spiritual journey filled with blessings and goodness during the days of Arbaeen.

You can contribute any amount, no matter how small, to this noble cause and have your name listed among the supporters of Imam Hussain.

As Imam Sadiq (peace be upon him) said, for every penny spent in the way of Imam Hussain, Allah rewards you with blessings and virtues equivalent to the size of Mount Uhud. You will receive multiple times that wealth in this world, be protected from afflictions and hardships, and your wealth will remain preserved.

It is worth mentioning that, just like every year, those who embark on this illuminating journey with the assistance of your contributions will perform the pilgrimage on behalf of you at the shrines of Imam Ali, Imam Hussain, and Hazrat Abbas.


Furthermore, if you are interested in participating in providing hospitality and support to the pilgrims of Imam Hussain during the Arbaeen pilgrimage, please stay in touch with us. We will cover your gifts and offerings along this path of service.


Please let us know if you have any questions or if you’d like to join us in this meaningful endeavor. Your support and participation are greatly valued and appreciated.

Joining Hands to Aid Pilgrims on the Path of Arbaeen 2023

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