Properties of Turquoise Stone

Properties of Turquoise Stone

Physical Properties of Turquoise Stone

In the empire of ancient Persia, the sky blue turquoise stone was used as a bracelet or necklace to protect a person against unnatural deaths and the evil eye. They also believed that looking at the surface of this beautiful stone would increase the sight of the eye, and also placing the gem on an inflamed eye could help cure the disease.

Properties of Turquoise Stone

The ancient people believed that turquoise indicates the health of its wearer because when a person is sick, this stone also looks pale and when its owner dies, it loses its color. They also believed that the gem would regain its luster in the hands of a young and healthy owner.

Some believed that this gem could predict the weather and affect dreams. Even today, some people say that turquoise has a great effect in treating respiratory diseases, laryngitis, strengthening the immune system and reducing stress.

Emotional properties of turquoise

In Russia there is an ancient tradition of using turquoise in wedding rings as a symbol of love. In England, this gem is associated with lasting love. Queen Victoria was particularly fond of turquoise jewelry.

Turquoise is the stone of truth, and encourages one to forgive and free oneself from useless regrets. It also inspires the individual to act on truth, compassion, and generosity. Maybe that’s why some people consider turquoise to be the stone of wholeness and truth. This gem was known as a self-discipline stone for restraining violent and aggressive behaviours.

In the war against the Christian Crusaders, the Turkish warriors recognized the turquoise dress as a talisman, and decorated their swords with it to protect themselves and increase their courage. It has been said that this powerful stone has been used to overcome fear and increase skills in battles along with a sense of victory and inner peace.

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Effects of turquoise on chakra and meditation

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Among the properties of turquoise stone, we can mention its effect on the throat chakra (fifth) as a coordinator. This stone makes it easier for a person to think deeply. This stone balances and induces a feeling of peace and dignity and heals the emotional realm, relieves psychological stress and transfers the focal point of consciousness to its special center in the heart.

Turquoise is an element of the earth and is effective in losing communication with the “conscious mind” during deep meditation. This gem provides power and protection during the mystical journey and due to its high spirituality, it improves meditation and further calms the mind.

Properties of Turquoise Stone

Properties of turquoise in color therapy

Turquoise shows nature’s color at the beginning of spring, when the blue color of winter is changing and melting into spring’s green. It is a new and pleasant energy that transforms our inner peace and creates a new growth and life.

Turquoise stones bring calm after the storm, reduce stress and neutralize extremism. In lighter shades, this colorful gem promotes inner harmony and peace through spiritual understanding. Darker and richer colors give considerable strength and more flexibility. They fight intolerance and adapt us to new ideas and environments.

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