This type of Aqeeq, similar to Moss Aqeeq, is not actually considered among Agate stones, but is a type of colorless or white-gray chalcedony whose pattern resembles the dark or black branches of trees due to the presence of iron or manganese oxide,. Its name actually comes from the Greek word Dendrite meaning “like a tree”. If the branches of the tree are orange, it could also be called autumn dendrite.

These shapes, which are not unlike the shape of ice crystals formed on window panes during winter, do not originate from algae and are caused by the penetration of liquids carrying iron and manganese oxides, which are produced from the chemical degradation of dark minerals and surrounding rocks and is formed in thin cracks of compacted masses in Aqeeq. In the past, this stone was transported to Europe through the Arab port of Mocha, and for this reason it is also called Mocha Stone.

Properties of Dendritic Agate

Various types of Dendritic Agate are desirable tools to strengthen a person’s existential strings through internal effects. Those who deal with therapy, meditation exercises, or any other serious method of inner functioning will find the Dendritic type a spell for their actions. Through interaction with one’s inner truth, the energy of this stone can help overcome the sources of guilt, revenge, shame and other destructive feelings.

Physical effects:

The Dendritic type is useful in helping the treatment of low back pain, neck diseases, low blood cell count, stress-related issues, addictive behaviors, lack of self-esteem.

Emotional effects:

Dendritic Agate is effective in helping a person get rid of negative thoughts and destructive patterns of life, increase self-esteem and develop a stronger soul.

Spiritual influences:

The Dendritic type helps a person to look at himself honestly, encourages a person to develop a positive self and visualizes the highest level of individual capacity and ability. This stone affects all the chakras of the body.

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